A water heater is one of the primary necessities of every household. Despite this fact, they are often ignored as we pay very little time to understand how they could be maintained. Its tanks contain parts that could oxidize and leak over time. Even if it doesn’t show any sign of inadequate functioning, its efficiency actually decreases due to the sediments that are built in it.

Its average life is between 8 to 12 years, but it can extend greatly depending on the effort that is made to maintain it. The text below will elaborate on a few simple tips and tricks, which can help you increase its life.

Perform Regular Checks:

It is highly essential for you to check if there are any signs of leakage or damage every once in a while. For this, the joints could be checked for leakage and the body for cracks. This is very important because a small leak can turn into flooding later and can damage the things in its surrounding.

Test The Pressure-Relief Valve:

It is a valve that is built into the heater for ensuring safety. Its function is to automatically release the pressure when it becomes too high for the tank to handle, preventing it from an explosion. To ensure that it is working properly, you simply have to lift the lever, located on its top or the side. If water doesn’t come out from the discharge pipe when you lift it, then you are required to replace it.

Examine The Water:

At least once a year, you have to drain some water out of the heater and examine it. If it contains dust and debris, then its full cleaning is required. Even for the ones with the functionality of automatic cleaning, you have to clean the tank at least once every 3 years.

Check The Anode Rod:

It is essentially a piece of metal found in these to prevent rusting. It functions by attracting corrosion before it gets to the steel tank. However, by doing this, the rod itself gets rusted, after which the whole tank begins to rust. So, you have to check it at least once every year, and if you find that it is too rusted, then you should consider replacing it.

Gas Lines Inspection:

The gas lines attached to the heater are also required to be inspected. If there are any cracks or rusting on them, then they should be repaired soon. You should also check if there is a gas leakage, and if you find there is, then you should take all measures to get it fixed, as this could become a cause of a dangerous event if ignored. You could immediately contact hot water heater repair service in such a case.

Install An Expansion Tank:

It is a well-known fact that water expands when it is heated. You should consider installing an expansion tank if your heater is composed of a closed system as there is no backflow which means there is no way for the water to go anywhere in case of expansion. The process of heating causes the pressure in the tank to increase and decrease, frequently resulting in a great load for the heater. By installing an expansion tank, an outlet is created to reduce the potential harm.

You can follow these tips to greatly extend the life of your water heater. In case there is something which is required to be fixed, you can acquire our professional hot water heater repair service.



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